The City of Miami Joins The °Climate Group

1 April 2008

Miami, FLORIDA - The City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz announced on the first of April that the City would join the international organization The °Climate Group.

Teaming with the world's only international organization dedicated solely to the issue of climate change is the latest move that demonstrates the city's commitment to addressing climate change.

"We are pleased to announce that we have now officially become a member of The °Climate Group, a group that is doing innovative work in creating public-private partnerships to find solutions to climate change," said Miami Mayor Manuel Diaz.

Mayor Diaz has been actively implementing substantive initiatives to bring the city decisively into the low-carbon 21st Century.

"Mayor Diaz provides an excellent example of the kind of bold leadership that can have a real impact on global warming," said Chris Walker, North American Director with The °Climate Group, speaking at an event held to announce the new partnership. "We would like to acknowledge Mayor Diaz for his leadership on this important issue, to welcome him to The °Climate Group and to ask that he share his vision with our other members from business and government. There is no one single solution that will address this challenge, we need to work together to find solutions that can collectively achieve the carbon reductions we need."

The °Climate Group is a global, independent organization made up of member companies and governments. The °Climate Group's mission is to accelerate the pace of international action on climate change to more quickly move the world towards a low-carbon economy.

The °Climate Group is raising awareness of the need to do more to address the challenge of global warming. The organization expanded to the United States just a few years ago with only a few people based in New York, but now has over a dozen full-time staff managing projects in offices in New York, the San Francisco Bay area, Tallahassee and soon Chicago. Internationally, the °Climate Group has offices in London, China, Australia and India.

The °Climate Group focuses on those key influencers in business and government best positioned to bring about the changes needed to achieve the carbon reductions that will help mitigate the impact of global warming. By acting as a catalyst, The °Climate Group is also able to facilitate bolder, more innovative initiatives. It has convened historic round-table discussions with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Florida Governor Charlie Crist focused on opportunities for public-private partnership and inter-government cooperation.

The °Climate Group is also working to create the infrastructure we need to accelerate the development of a low-carbon economy.

In 2005, The °Climate Group began work on developing a single standard for voluntary carbon trades that could be easily used to verify that specific projects met a very clearly defined standard. The result was the Voluntary Carbon Standard, which has quickly established itself as one of the world's two most widely used standards.

The growing acceptance of standards has in turn bolstered market growth, with much as 75 million tonnes of {CO2}-e traded on the voluntary market in 2007, up more than 200 per cent from 2006. Annual carbon offset sales are expected to hit an estimated US$4billion by 2010.


For further information please contact:

Neal McGrath, Communications Director, North America
The °Climate Group
Tel: 1 646 233 0554

Kelly Penton, Director, Office of Communications
City of Miami
Telephone: 305-416-1440


About Mayor Diaz's Sustainable Initiatives

Mayor Diaz has launched a proactive and ambitious environmental program to clean streets, waterways, brown fields, storm drains, as well as improve air and water quality. His initiatives included the largest ever Adopt-A-Waterway project, Miami's first Citywide Tree Master Plan, and the introduction of a Green Fleet - requiring all City vehicles to meet or exceed fuel efficiency standards. Mayor Diaz has also created the City of Miami Green Commission to bring together a cross section of local experts and community representatives that will help mold the City's environmental policy in the areas of Climate Action, Green Buildings, Urban Forestry and Bicycle Transportation. The Mayor has spearheaded public-private partnerships to promote sustainable initiatives with a variety of groups, including the World Wildlife Fund, EcoMedia, and United States Green Building Council. These initiatives include Earth Hour 2008, the City Hall Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project, and the Miami Green Lab.

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