The Climate Group Convenes Corporate Leaders Panel for the Legislators Forum on Climate Change

12 February 2007

On Feb 14th Dr. Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group - an organisation dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change - facilitated a business leader panel featuring Jim Rogers (CEO, Duke/Cinergy), Roger Ferguson (Chairman, Swiss Re America Holding), Sir Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin), Joe Pettus (Senior Vice President, Fuel & Energy Operations, Safeway) and Rick Lazio (Government Relations, JP Morgan).

Dr. Howard convened a discussion on the business case and economic advantages for corporations taking leadership on climate action. The business leaders presented to US Senators (including Senators Lieberman and McCain), US Congressmen and senior government leaders from across the globe including German Chancellor and G8 President Angela Merkel. The panel was held as part of the Globe Climate Change dialogue.

The business leader panel was convened just two weeks after the release of the IPCC Working Group I's Fourth Summary for Policymakers. The IPCC concluded the current concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere [379ppm in 2005] is far higher than the natural range over the last 650,000 years and is growing faster than at any time before. The IPCC also reported that average global temperature and sea levels are rising and this rise is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

The business leaders assembled by The Climate Group demonstrated, through their respective companies' experience, that cuts in greenhouse gases required to stop climate change can be achieved - and that this can be done while growing the bottom line.

"The IPCC report illustrates that the challenge is both enormous and more urgent than many previously envisioned," said Dr. Howard. "The silver lining, however, is that innovative and effective solutions are here, if we're courageous enough to embrace them."

Dr. Howard also unveiled The Climate Group's third edition of Carbon Down Profits Up. The report documents the huge savings that have been made from companies' efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and become more energy efficient.

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