The Climate Group celebrates five years at the forefront of a clean industrial revolution

22 June 2009

Members and supporters of The Climate Group came together in London on 18 June to celebrate The Climate Group's fifth anniversary and to reflect on five years of progress in the global fight against climate change.

The evening event in London's City Hall was attended by many partners and supporters, including BT, Duke Energy, the Dutch Postcode Lottery and HSBC.

Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group said: "Our successes to date have had many parents. Although the climate agenda has come a long way in the last five years, much work remains still to be done. We look forward to continuing to work with all our partners around the world in calling for a new global deal on climate change and supporting the development of the policies, technologies and networks that together will unlock the low carbon economy."

Special messages of support were delivered by Climate Group partners from around the world:

Rt Hon Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister, said: "The Climate Group's progressive coalition has undoubtedly helped bring about a political tipping point where a global climate deal is increasingly popular and possible. I firmly believe that through The Climate Group's international partnerships and efforts the world will be - and is going to be - a better place tomorrow." Watch the video.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California told Climate Group staff: "It has been a terrific five years... I am very proud that California is a founding member of this great organisation. Together we have done fantastic work. You were instrumental in helping pass AB-32, California's landmark greenhouse gas reduction law....Our leadership is now pushing the Federal government to act also. You all are 'Emissions Terminators'.so let's all continue working together!" Watch the video.

Kung fu legend Jet Li (watch the video) and Sir Richard Branson also sent messages of support.

Five years of progress

The Climate Group was launched five years ago, when climate change science was still a debate - largely misunderstood or ignored by many of the world's politicians, business leaders and citizens.

The Climate Group was set up in 2004 to kickstart a new dialogue around climate change and mobilise cross sector support for industrial and political action to cut global emissions of greenhouse gases.

By working closely with politicians, business leaders and consumers, The Climate Group has helped shape the current climate change dialogue around low carbon economic opportunities; and is helping to encourage new low carbon markets, policies and technologies.

Over the last five years, The Climate Group has been at the forefront of a growing clean industrial revolution and has opened offices - and gained members - in seven countries around the world including Europe, North America, China, India and Australia.

Key Milestones (2004-2009)

. conducted leading research into low carbon technologies and economic opportunities around the world.

Despite these successes, there is plenty still to do.

It is also leading important efforts with a group of progressive international airlines to include international aviation emissions in a global deal.

. established a powerful international business coalition committed to leading cuts in global emissions and involving many of the world's major brands, companies, and CEOs from Rupert Murdoch to the CEO of China Mobile

. launched a major international consumer campaign ( that has so far helped UK, US and Australian consumers save well over two million tonnes of {CO2} and many millions of pounds and dollars on their household bills

. established an international group of cities, states and regions around the world (many of which are major economies in their own right such as California, Florida, London and New York) who are implementing practical policies and whose climate leadership is giving vital confidence to their own national governments to do the same.

. led practical market-based solutions such as the development of the popular and robust Voluntary Carbon Standard - the first global offset standard to underpin confidence in the growing voluntary carbon market.

Today The Climate Group's work is supporting the formal UN climate talks by partnering a major international initiative with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Breaking the Climate Deadlock, which aims to deepen political understanding of key building blocks necessary to achieve a fair and effective global deal in Copenhagen. Although many issues remain to be agreed, the recent shift in China and US dialogue gives cause for optimism.

Over the next three years, The Climate Group will continue to work with key business sectors and government to speed up the introduction of low carbon policies to scale up the low carbon technologies of the future.

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