The Climate Group launches Hong Kong Carbon Reduction Commitment Campaign

20 April 2009

The °Climate Group, an international non-profit organisation that works to advance climate change solutions and accelerate a low carbon economy, today launched the Hong Kong Carbon Reduction Campaign (HKCRC) at a ceremony attended by Mr. Edward Yau, JP, Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Chiu-ying Lam, Chairman of Hong Kong Meteorological Society, Ms. Teresa Au, Head of Corporate Sustainability Asia Pacific Region of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) together with a large number of representatives from various industries.

The campaign is Hong Kong's first cross-industry collaboration among responsible companies on climate change mitigation.

Founded in the UK in 2004, The °Climate Group is a membership organisation that works with government and business leaders around the world to act as a catalyst to bring about practical solutions on climate change. The °Climate Group started its operations in Hong Kong in mid-2007.

The HKCRC, run for the first time this year, will involve the participation of 5,000 employees from over 60 multinational companies and SMEs. Employees will move to adopt a low carbon lifestyle in their daily professional and personal lives in order to help achieve a combined reduction target of approximately 9,900 tonnes of {CO2}e emissions over the 12 months of the campaign.

Ms. Changhua Wu, Greater China Director of The °Climate Group said, "An increasing number of corporations and organisations have started to recognise their corporate social responsibility to transform themselves towards low-carbon economic development, something that is being fuelled by the current global economic environment. We strongly believe that the HKCRC will have a positive effect on business, improve the bond between employers and their staff and effectively transfer low carbon practices to the home as well as families and friends."

Ms. Teresa Au, Head of Corporate Sustainability Asia Pacific Region of HSBC, the major sponsor of the Campaign, said, "HSBC supports the HKCRC to encourage Hong Kong companies to infuse sustainability in their company culture and to join the fight against climate change. It is also our mission to help our customers become greener and their employees to live a greener lifestyle so that they will be more ready for the challenge of the low-carbon economy."

Officiating at the ceremony, Mr. Edward Yau, Secretary for the Environment, commented, "to deliver a successful outcome on the climate change issue requires synergy between government, the business community and the general public. It is very satisfying to see the 'Hong Kong Carbon Reduction Campaign' has garnered support from companies large and small all sharing a common goal. I hope members of the public who move to a low carbon lifestyle will strive to make Hong Kong a green city."

Mr. Chiu-ying Lam, Chairman of Hong Kong Meteorological Society also expressed that "climate change is a major issue faced by the world and everybody has the responsibility to solve the problem. Individual effort plays a significant part in countering climate change and if we can live a low carbon lifestyle and save more resources, that will definitely help reduce the adverse impact of climate change on the livelihood of all the people in Hong Kong."

Commencing on May 1, 2009 and running until March 31, 2010, the HKCRC aims to motivate participants to get to know more about climate change and start to reduce their carbon footprint at home and at work in order to minimise consumption on energy and other resources.

The °Climate Group has offered training sessions to employees from participating corporations during March to April 2009 to help reduce their carbon footprint at all points in their everyday lives. Each participant has received a "Toolkit" containing various low carbon gadgets such as an energy-efficient light-bulb, a shower timer, a thermometer and a guidebook to enhance their knowledge and give them a head start in living a low carbon lifestyle. More low carbon tips for home and places beyond the office will be provided throughout the campaign period at the campaign website which will also provide a forum for participants to discuss and exchange their views and experiences.

A HKCRC roving exhibition will also tour through the offices of the participating companies showcasing the importance of collective efforts achieved in carbon emissions reduction. Participating corporations will also be encouraged to organise internal events and incentives for employees to inspire them to reduce carbon emissions and sustain interest throughout the campaign period.

Surveys will be conducted at the beginning, middle and end of the campaign to assess the changing views and behaviour amongst the participants. Survey findings will be released on the campaign website. Campaign results will be announced in April 2010.

The HKCRC is organised by The °Climate Group and is sponsored by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, HSBC Climate Partnership, Environment and Conservation Fund and Environmental Campaign Committee.

To learn more about the details of the campaign and tips on carbon emission reduction, please go to the campaign website at

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