The °Climate Group wins £1.5M lottery funding

13 March 2008

The °Climate Group, one of the world's most influential climate change charities, has won significant funding worth £1.5 million from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery - Nationale Postcode Loterij - to fund a major project involving state and regional governments around the world.

The °Climate Group believes sub-national or state governments are in a unique position to accelerate global action on climate change because of the significant influence they have on citizens, national governments and the business community.

The new funding will allow The °Climate Group to establish a global hub for climate change leadership involving some of the world's most influential state and regional governments based in Europe, North America, China, India and Australia. The °Climate Group's existing member states include California, New York, Ontario, Manitoba and Victoria (Australia) as well as a range of leading businesses and cities.

Jim Walker, Chief Operating Officer, The °Climate Group said: "Leadership at state and regional government level is emerging as one of the most important levers in the worldwide effort to combat climate change. This vital funding from the Nationale Postcode Loterij will ensure that regional leadership and best practice can be harnessed effectively to drive this global effort forward. We are grateful not just to Nationale Postcode Loterij but particularly to the DOEN Foundation who supported our application."

Nina Tellegen, CEO, DOEN Foundation, said: "When DOEN Foundation started to support The °Climate Group it was a new organisation full of promise and potential to engage world leaders. They have clearly already delivered on that promise and potential. The °Climate Group is no longer just a vehicle of change for others; The °Climate Group is now unmistakeably a leader in its own right. We are proud to be able to continue our support through the Dutch Postcode Lottery and to enable other leaders from states and regions not only to grasp the significance and urgency of climate change, but to act on it."

The Lottery grant will fund The °Climate Group's key work with a select group of state and regional governments for the next three years focused on effective carbon reduction and adaptation strategies. The initiative aims to facilitate ambitious state level climate protection actions by sharing best practice and encouraging rapid deployment of practical technologies, with the ultimate goal of shaping effective federal policies.

There is currently no other organisation fulfilling this role internationally.


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