Together US announces 1.37 million tons of CO2 saved

11 December 2008

Together US is pleased to announce the launch of the Togetherizer - an online aggregator that quantifies the actual amount of greenhouse gas emissions that have been avoided by the combined efforts of people adopting Together solutions. The Togetherizer demonstrates the real {CO2} equivalent* - or {CO2}e - savings delivered by the partnership between major brands, non-profit organizations, cities and consumers.

Since launching on World Environment Day in New York, Together US has helped consumers avoid 1,370,920 tons of {CO2}e through simple, practical partner solutions that help people save money while lowering their carbon footprints. This is the equivalent of taking more than half a million cars off the road - more than the number of registered passenger vehicles in Wyoming and Vermont combined. This helped US consumers save over $170 million in energy costs. The savings achieved in just six months clearly show how, together, small actions add up to make a big difference.

"The Togetherizer is another example of how Together is unique and innovative," said Kate Krebs, Director of Sustainable Resources for The Climate Group, which launched Together. "There are countless tools and gadgets out there that offer savings tips or ways to calculate the impact of a specific action, but the Togetherizer is the first and only tool that aggregates the cumulative activities of thousands of consumers and brands taking part in one single initiative."

Research by the Lippincott Group has shown that consumers want to see the specific impact of their climate change actions. The Togetherizer offers a unique and valuable tool for people to clearly see the impact of what they are doing.

When combined with the more than 860,000 tons of {CO2}e saved by the Together UK campaign, Together has helped consumers save over 2.2 million tons of {CO2}e worldwide.

This first round of US Togetherizer calculations include solutions (defined as a product, service or initiative) from Target, Dell and Lenovo only, so the number is expected to grow as the campaign expands and more partners submit their solutions. The actual impact already achieved may be greater as detailed calculations are completed that include other solutions.

Target was one of the first partners to roll out Together solutions by making available reusable shopping bags and energy-efficient light bulbs in all of its stores. The retailer also offers energy saving products including programmable thermostats, reusable cups, low-flow showerheads, rechargeable batteries, water filters, recycled paper products and Energy Star-rated appliances that will be added to the Togetherizer calculations in the future.

The Togetherizer also aggregates solutions offered by two of the world's leading information technology companies, Dell and Lenovo.

Dell's Together solutions include Dell Energy Smart and Energy Star-certified laptops and desktops, as well as the industry's first and only free worldwide recycling program for consumers. For more information about Dell's recycling, click here.

Those offered by Lenovo include Energy Star-rated computers, aggressive promotion of "ThinkVantage" power management tools and an innovative recycling program under which the company takes back Lenovo and select IBM products for recycling free of cost for US consumers - including shipping. Consumers who return certain devices that still have residual value may even get money back - and this may also apply to devices of any brand and does not require the purchase of a new Lenovo product. For more information on Lenovo's Together offerings please visit

Environmental Resources Management (ERM), an independent, third-party validator, verifies {CO2} savings for every Together solution, except those offered by Dell, which are verified by the US EPA.

*As each of the six major greenhouse gasses trap heat in very different degrees, they are usually measured using the equivalent heat trapping potential of carbon dioxide, or the {CO2e} (carbon dioxide equivalent).

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