Upper Austrian Energy Minister wants a clean energy revolution

Clare Saxon Ghauri
6 May 2011

BRUSSELS: Rudi Anschober, Upper Austrian Minister for Energy, has published a polemic for a 100% transformation to renewable energies, which offers a clear vision of the opportunities in a Clean Revolution.

Anschober argues that in order to achieve international climate goals, the world climate conference in Durban in December and the Earth Summit in Rio next year, will have to set the path for a complete transition of our energy production.

When presenting his book in European Parliament in Brussels this week, Anschober said: “We need an agreement of industrial and developing countries on a large-scale investment program in renewable energies and energy efficiency, to boost new economic development that can create 6 million new jobs in Europe alone”.

Key policy measures Anschober suggests include a phase out of subsidies for fossil and nuclear energy, tax exemptions and zero interest models for investments in the energy revolution, a general priority net access for renewable energies, and a large scale international initiative for education and research.

Anschober stated: “Instead of continuously going for the lowest common denominator on emissions reductions without much success, which effectively gives the power to the biggest inhibitors, Durban and Rio should additionally set the track for a big investment program in green technologies that pushes the energy revolution with 400 billion Euros a year”.

His book argues that such investments can create 6 million new jobs in the EU, end our costly and risky dependency on oil, gas and coal, and provide a gigantic boost to the economy.

The state of Upper Austria, which is a member of The Climate Group, is already leading the way. Amongst others, its Energy Strategy includes a 100% renewables target for electricity and heating by 2030.

Luc Bas, Director of European Programs, The Climate Group says: “Rudolf Anschober’s book is providing an inspiring vision of the benefits the Clean Revolution has to offer, and the example of his own state clearly shows that ambitious action is possible. We’ll continue to work with Upper Austria and our other member regions to spread this message and develop practical solutions to drive this development forward.”

Significant progress will have to be made over the next few years at all government levels, as the transition to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources is a core component of advancing the Clean Revolution.

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