Victorians first to know their weekly greenhouse emissions

8 January 2007

People in Victoria, Australia are the first in the world to be given an indication of their greenhouse gas emissions each and every week.

In what is believed to be a world first, The Climate Group has developed a Weekly Greenhouse Indicator for Victoria. It provides real-time information on the greenhouse gas emissions produced from coal-fired electricity, natural gas and petroleum every week. This accounts for about 85 per cent of emissions in the State of Victoria.

The Climate Group's Australian Director, Rupert Posner, said the initiative was designed to assist people in understanding the issue and to help track our greenhouse gas emissions.

"Each and every week we release greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere but because they can't be seen it is difficult to understand how much is being produced.

"This initiative puts a figure on what is happening and enables everyone to follow how much we are emitting each week," he said.

"Victorians can then make decisions about their energy use that will immediately decrease the weekly figure, like buying green electricity or using less energy at home and work.

"As greenhouse gas emissions remain in the atmosphere for a long time, it is critical we realise that this is a problem we must address now. Every week we delay action Victorians contribute around another 2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere."

Victorians are encouraged to watch the indicator and think about what they can do to make the weekly figure go down.

Anyone can receive weekly updates or learn more about the indicator by going to

The Climate Group would like to thank the Purves Environmental Fund for financially supporting this project.

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