World's Leading Greenhouse Gas Reducers Gather in Toronto

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1 March 2004

Toronto, Canada: Leaders from corporations, governments and financiers from across the globe will meet today at The Climate Group's first major international "Conference of the Reducers" to demonstrate how they are taking practical action to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Group, which includes representatives from business members BP, Lafarge and DuPont and government supporters including the British and Canadian Federal governments will share their experiences in reducing emissions and hear announcements of new initiatives. These include the City of Toronto's new $35 million clean air plan and Manitoba's continued commitment to exceed Kyoto targets through an ethanol mandate, wind production, new energy efficiency office and other measures. "We are pleased to be part of a Group that is acting now on climate change because we know we cannot afford to wait." said Manitoba Premier, Gary Doer.

"We are promoting new generation hydro, wind, ethanol, efficiency and protection for our water and forests. Nationally we are promoting a clean energy grid. But we also need global action and we commend this Group for acting now on climate change for the benefit of Manitoba and indeed the world" he said.

Mayor of Toronto, David Miller said: "Toronto will be a leader in the response to the worldwide challenge to deal with global warming. We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our operations by 60 per cent from 1990 levels by 2010. These investments will help Toronto gets it own house in order and challenge other public initiatives and corporations to reduce energy use too."

The Climate Group, a global coalition of cities, states, governments and corporates committed to collaboration to cutting greenhouse gas emissions was officially launched in London on 27 April by British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Speaking at the launch the Prime Minister said "I wish you the very best of luck with The Climate Group. I think it's a very very important initiative. This is an issue that will carry on dominating our agenda but , hopefully with your help, it will dominate the agenda of the global community in the years to come."

The Climate Group are today publishing a new report "Less is More" a series of 14 case studies highlighting leaders on reducing emissions in the private and public sector internationally. Further conferences are planned in Europe, the US and Australia and plans are being developed for a virtual Carbon University for policymakers and managers, as well as an annual Climate Index league table of companies and cities, highlighting the leaders in reducing emissions.

"We know that there are many leading companies and governments around the world dedicated to reducing their emissions. By bringing the key players together for the first time we believe this can be the beginning of a new solutions-oriented climate movement," said Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group.

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