Best of 2012: Some proudest moments from the year the clean revolution was launched

Clare Saxon Ghauri
17 December 2012

From Rio+20 in Brazil to Climate Week NYC, we've had a very busy year. Below is just a small selection of some proud moments from 2012: the year the clean revolution was launched.

But firstly we would like to thank you for reading and sharing our daily news this year, and we hope you continue to enjoy it in 2013.

Here's to another year of bold, catalytic, clean revolution leadership; will you be part of it?


From June 17-19, 2012, The Climate Group proudly hosted the ground-breaking Clean Revolution Summit at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil, where we officially launched our Clean Revolution Campaign. This was marked by four reports, our new website and a public letter to the G20.

At our events, leading international statesmen and business leaders agreed that a clean revolution would lead the world out of recession.

See some more of our Rio highlights here, which included a new partnership with ISEP, the Rio Declaration of States and Regions, and findings from Philips that some 40% of global electricity use could be avoided if the world switched to LEDs.

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Climate Week NYC 2012

At this year’s Climate Week NYC in September, we launched the American Clean Revolution report along with an accompanying infographic and online app. This digital content allowed people to easily spread the word on social media that the US could win $3 trillion for its economy through clean tech innovation.

Speakers including Tony Blair, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and senior representatives from national agricultural, religious and medical institutions, gathered to announce their support for an American clean revolution, just weeks ahead of election day. Read the event write-up and see our congratulations to President Obama on his election victory in November, when we called for renewed action to address climate change and its impacts. 

Other event highlights from New York include a heated discussion between the EU, UN and World Bank ahead of COP18, a panel lead by Jeffrey Sachs, and an announcement from Living Labs on its commitment to implementing high impact urban technologies in 30 cities.

Stay tuned for Climate Week NYC 2013, where we will be celebrating the annual forum’s fifth anniversary.


We reported live from Doha in Qatar, where COP18 was hosted in December. Read our Senior Policy Manager, Damian Ryan’s post-COP briefing, or for a simple breakdown of the process itself, check out our Understanding the UNFCCC negotiations infographic. And of course we will bringing you daily reporting and in-depth analysis from COP19 in Poland next year.

Twitter Q&As

In the lead up to June’s Rio+20 we featured live Q&As with climate experts and business leaders on Twitter. You can find summaries of the discussions here.

We will be running these sessions featuring guests from our network in 2013, so tweet us @ClimateGroup if you’re interested in taking part.

Live broadcast

One of the most unique press opportunities this year saw our CEO Mark Kenber spotlight the need for green business to boost the UK economy in a discussion with Al Gore and Richard Branson, which was broadcast live to 8.6 million viewers from New York, as part of Climate Reality’s Dirty Weather report.

This is just a tiny snapshot of the positive year 2012 has been, shown best through our digital content. Find everything else that happened in our News feed.

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