BT's Kevin Moss to join us for live Twitter Q&A on the Net Good business opportunity

Clare Saxon Ghauri
3 December 2013

LONDON: Join us for our final live Twitter Q&A of the year, with Kevin Moss, Programme Director Net Good, BT, to discuss the opportunity of 'Net Good' business, at 3pm GMT, December 17, on hashtag #NetGood. 

BT’s Net Good program was first unveiled in June by then Chief Executive Ian Livingston. This innovative carbon abatement methodology, which was reviewed, refined and endorsed by the Carbon Trust and Camanoe Associates (researchers from MIT), aims to help BT achieve its 2020 goal to help customers reduce carbon emissions by at least three times the end-to-end carbon impact of BT’s business.

Since the launch of Net Good, among many initiatives, BT has become a major IT partner in a smart city initiative in the UK to support economic growth while reducing water, carbon emissions, electricity and gas consumption; it has launched a fleet engine remapping programme; and has played a part in developing Britain’s first internet-connected road, which could pave the way for self-driving vehicles and help reduce road congestion.

Kevin Moss comments: "All of our latest projects offer potential to contribute towards the Net Good goal and are signs of the growing role of sustainability in the growth of our business. The directional impact of our Net Good goal is also clear. It is about business opportunity. For companies that take the strategic long term view, addressing climate change is an opportunity for growth. Companies that don’t are on the wrong side of history. Our Net Good goal calls on us to grow the portfolio of products and services that contribute towards helping our customers reduce their emissions. That is business opportunity and will help us thrive rather than just survive in a resource constrained environment."

"I see a lot of momentum, but as a sustainability practitioner, I know there is so much more to do. I would love to see your thoughts in the comments below about what business can do to create transformational change amongst consumers and investors in particular. I am looking forward to our Twitter Q&A with The Climate Group on December 17. Please join us."

The Twitter Q&A will center on the progress of Net Good and the business opportunity in integrating sustainability into growth strategies - not just in IT and telecoms, but in any business sector.

To take part, follow the discussion or ask questions, use hashtag #NetGood on December 17 before or at 3pm GMT. You should also follow @KevinIMoss and @ClimateGroup to keep this important discussion going well beyond 2013.

See our infographic that explains BT's 3:1 Net Good methodology:


Kevin Moss blogs for us about the need for companies to address climate change - those that don't he says, are on the "wrong side of history".

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