Chairman of Elion Resources addresses Future Academy's young entrepreneurs in Beijing

16 June 2014

BEIJING: Young entrepreneurs in China are now halfway through a pioneering MBA-style program, which allows them to dissect the environmental strategies of world-leading companies by working directly with their senior directors.

Over thirty candidates worked inside Elion Resources’ headquarters in Beijing this week as part of the innovative EMBA-modeled Future Academy, a new program that aims to nurture tomorrow's low carbon leaders through connecting them with top businesses.

Elion Resources Group is the world's largest desert and green economy enterprise and a leader in clean energy development, the natural pharmaceutical industry and ecological tourism. 

It is one of six Chinese companies, including Vantone Group, Broad Group, Xinao Concrete Group, Shanghai Shenzhou Auto Technology Company and the 3rd Coal-fired Power Plant of Shanghai Waigaoqiao, that are having their corporate sustainability and innovation strategies used as case studies by the Academy's young entrepreneurs.

From the perspective of "Net Positive” – a concept that calls for business to change from ‘doing less harm’ to having a positive impact on the world – candidates evaluated Elion Resources through group discussion and Q&A sessions with the academics.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group led the Elion Resources’ case study, and Dr. Kangbin Zheng, Head of Private Sector Investment at the Asian Development Bank in China, Feng Jia, Director-general, Centre for Environmental Education and Communications, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Shiqiu Zhang, Deputy Dean of Peking University College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering and Yunhuan Tong, Professor of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management joined the class as members of the steering committee.

Wenbiao Wang, Chairman of Elion Resources, commented on the candidates’ presentations during the class and was keen to discuss opportunities to work with the students again in the future.

Elion has been devoted to the improvement of the Kubuqi Desert since the company was established 26 years ago, and in 2012, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro bestowed Wenbiao Wang with an excellence award for environmental improvement and development. He explained the company's huge progress: ”It takes a big commitment to develop desert economy. Through over two decades of learning and performing an entirely new practice of desert green-economy, more than 5,000 square kilometers of the Kubuqi Desert, China’s 7th largest, have been afforested and rehabilitated from a state of desertification.” 

Having now completed case studies of Vantone Group, Elion Group and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant Shanghai, this weekend the fourth case study of Broad Group in Changsha will be conducted, with the final two in Beijing and Shanghai taking place in July.

The Climate Group and its partners officially launched its 2014 Future Academy in Beijing last April. Around 60 youth leaders enrolled in the camp which unites young innovators with mentors from a wide range of sectors, including environmental economics, social entrepreneurship, innovative financing, business models, 'Blue Economy', renewable energy, internet financing and brand building and enhancement.

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