China to add 35 GW of solar by 2015 to kick-start industry

Clare Saxon Ghauri
15 July 2013

BEIJING: China's central government today announced plans to increase installed solar power capacity by 35 gigawatts over the next three years, in a bid to kick-start innovation and growth in China's solar technology industry.

The State Council published a statement online outlining how China will add a total of 35 gigawatts or more of solar capacity by 2015, spread over an average of 10 gigawatts per year, in order to establish a robust solar photovoltaic (PV) industry that meets domestic market, production, sales and service system needs, easing China’s reliance on exports.

Among actions China’s government will take to promote the ‘healthy development’ of the solar PV industry, the statement listed the need to:

  • accelerate technological innovation and industrial upgrades
  • advance the pace of mergers and acquisitions by providing tax breaks
  • offer credit support to the country’s leading PV suppliers
  • eliminate poor quality products and production processes
  • cultivate a group of solar enterprises in China with strong research and development capabilities and market competitiveness
  • improve self-sufficiency of raw materials such as polysilicon and PV cell manufacturing
  • significantly reduce the cost of PV power generation
  • ensure Chinese PV products in the international market maintain a reasonable share of foreign trade and investment

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, said: “Solar energy is expected to become a major part of China’s clean revolution. With technologies and industrial manufacturing capacity in place, China has also been deploying strong policy incentives to scale up the installation of solar energy nationwide. And this fits perfectly with the window of opportunity in the world’s largest developing economy when rapid urbanization and green industrialization are underway.

“When captured in a timely manner, this opportunity will put China solidly in a leadership position of global clean revolution. China’s size of domestic and outbound investment, the momentum of growth, and the political commitment at the very top level, form the foundation for China to succeed in restructuring its economy and industry. In the meantime, close collaboration among countries, in particular among major economies, is critical at the global level to give solar energy the chance to transform our global energy structure.”

Read the China State Council's statement on the solar industry's development

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By Clare Saxon

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