Climate Week NYC: a party in the park

7 October 2013

Johanna Waldron is a junior at SUNY Purchase College, studying Journalism and Arts Management. Johanna decided to get involved with Climate Week NYC 2013 to learn more about climate change and to report about the events that occurred during the week.

Johanna attended the Global Citizen Festival, a Climate Week NYC 2013 affiliate event, and reviewed it for The Climate Group:

Climate Week NYC occurs once a year in Manhattan. It is the global summit for government and businesses that lead the way in creating a low carbon economy to create economic opportunities and benefit the environment at the same time. This year, over 55 events took place throughout New York where public and corporate leaders spoke about new ideas and more sustainable efforts of business.

Some of the events connected art and the environment; the Global Citizen Festival was put together in corporation with popular musical artists at NYC’s landmark, Central Park.

Thousands of people joined together in the sunshine on Saturday to listen to an outstanding and eclectic line up of musicians. Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys, John Mayer and the one and only Stevie Wonder all took part in the Global Citizen Festival to bring awareness to climate change through music. What better way to show support for the environment and the arts than at one of the most prestige parks in New York?

My experience on the other hand was a little different than the other people in the crowd underneath the glowing band shell. There was a little confusion with the tickets for my friend and I, so we were not able to access the main crowd. We decided to still show support and sit on a large rock located in another part of Central Park and listen to the show as the wind carried the pleasing sounds of some of our favorite artists throughout the park.

There were families playing and enjoying the beautiful day, couples reclining in relaxation, and I was able to spend more quality time with a close friend as we ate good food and watched the sun set over the park…pure enjoyment all around. The best part was that we were able to view the show from a live stream on our smart phones and still hear the music, so we didn’t miss out.

I feel that even though we were not directly involved with the concert, we were still able to connect with the event through media and still rejoice in the environment surrounding us, a very pleasant day that will be remembered and a wonderful addition to Climate Week NYC 2013.

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