EarthHack competition: One week in, 72 ideas submitted

5 June 2013

LONDON: Since the EarthHack launched last Wednesday, May 29 at the B4E Climate Summit, the response has been phenomenal, with 72 entries to date. 

The international competition, powered through the Marblar website, seeks to use its crowd-sourcing platform to 're-imagine' technology for a more sustainable home. The contest is run in partnership with The Climate Group and has the support of IKEA and Philips.


In just one week, 72 ‘ideas’ have been uploaded onto the website, some of which have been viewed over two hundred times by the various competitors.

The premise is simple: once an entry has been submitted it can be viewed, discussed and constructively criticized by fellow ‘Marblars’, in the hope that together, a workable market application can be found.

Given the EarthHack’s interdisciplinary focus, many of those who are actively commenting on the competition entries are from a diverse area of occupational sectors. They range from engineers to post-doctoral researchers and medical product developers. One competitor wryly lists himself as an ‘out-of-the-boxologist’.


Judges have been impressed by the imaginative and dynamic approach many of the competitors have employed to date. The diversity of ideas is a testament to the latent talent that exists beyond traditional academic institutions. 

The entries tackle many household waste and energy consumption issues, encompassing everything from residential biochar converters to intelligent showers.

The former works by transforming common biodegradable waste into biochar to enrich garden soils. Lawrence Yu, its designer, envisages that it could be integrated into a fireplace, stovetop or BBQ, and could greatly decrease household carbon emissions. 

Similarly, the intelligent shower would monitor water consumption and report it to the user, leading to greater energy savings, argues Wyatt Felt, the innovator behind the entry.

Entry to the competition is still open and all are encouraged to participate. As Marblar founder and CEO Dan Perez says: “There is latent genius everywhere.”

By Alana Ryan.

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