Energy efficiency measures could save $3 trillion by 2030: Dan Hamza-Goodacre

Ilario D'Amato
Reading time: 2 minutes
8 December 2015

PARIS: At COP21 this week, Dan Hamza-Goodacre who runs the Energy Efficiency program at ClimateWorks, told The Climate Group's Climate TV that if business and governments focus on energy productivity measures they will benefit from big economic savings.

Speaking about three big energy productivity events that had taken place in Paris during the week, Dan Hamza-Goodacre says there are "different pathways to get to [staying below] 2 degrees and if we take in the energy efficiency pathways we can get there for at least US$3 trillion less through to 2030. We've got to take these pathways."

The ClimateWorks director also talked about his idea of what success could look like at the close of the 21st Conference of the Parties this coming weekend.

He affirmed: "COP21 will be a success if it sends a signal to politicians, business leaders and the public that the transition to the low carbon economy is inevitable, irreversible and irresistible."

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