HSBC Climate Partnership is ‘most admired’ corporate-NGO collaboration

27 November 2012

LONDON: Our HSBC Climate Partnership has been recognized as one of the ‘most admired corporate-NGO collaborations’ by C&E Advisory’s Corporate-NGO Barometer.

The C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer report assesses the drivers, barriers, enablers, role models and forecasts for corporate-NGO partnering. New topics for the 2012 edition include the impact of recession and slower growth on cross-sector partnering.

The report is based on a confidential online survey of more than 130 leading companies and NGOs who are engaged in cross-sector partnerships.

As outlined in the full report, the HSBC Climate Partnership earned its place as a ‘most admired’ partnership because of its ‘ambition, scale, ability to innovate, communicate’ and success in ‘blending corporate, brand and commercial objectives with a clear focus on social impact’.

The HSBC Climate Partnership brought together The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and WWF in a US$100 million partnership to respond to the urgent threat of climate change.

Learn more about the HSBC Climate Partnership.

Read the full report.

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