IKEA: "Business needs climate change policy leaders"

24 March 2014

LONDON: Corporate giant, IKEA, has just launched a new public relations campaign to highlight the necessity of climate change policy leaders.

The Scandinavian company has developed a new infographic which advocates legally binding targets on:

  • CO2 reduction
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency

Furthermore, the business believes the EU needs to "strenthen its leadership position in international climate negotiations".

By using a visual medium, the sustainable business leader is able to convey succinctly the benefits of the low carbon economy. Striking graphics draw attention to the 20 millions jobs which would be created between now and 2020 in the green economy, as well as the losses to the IKEA group caused by extreme weather.

See some of The Climate Group’s infographics on LEDs, UNFCCC, China and more here


IKEA sustainability infographic



IKEA sustainability infographic

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