Mark Kenber on Scottish independence referendum: We hope Scotland will continue to set an example on low carbon leadership

Ilario D'Amato
19 September 2014

LONDON: Scotland has decided not to leave the United Kingdom, a decision which our CEO Mark Kenber hopes will not change the States & Regions member's inspiring low carbon leadership.

The result of the referendum comes after the heated campaign by those for and against an independent Scotland, which came down to the wire during the last few weeks.

Many analysts underlined the expected impact on the energy sector of a ‘yes’ vote, stating the uncertainty of future policies set by a new political body. Under the Scotland act 1998, most of Scotland’s energy policies were created by the central government in London.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that a victory for the independence campaign could have stopped ongoing renewable power projects worth £14 billion (US$23 billion) in investments and 12,000 jobs.

A recent UK government analysis stated that Scottish bill payers could have paid up to £38 (US$62) more per year for households and £110,000 (US$180,000) for a medium sized manufacturer in 2020 to support renewables. Scottish government had targeted that date to meet an equivalent of 100% demand for electricity from renewables, as part of a wider energy mix strategy.

Scotland accounts for 43% of the UK’s wind capacity and last year alone received 46% of its electricity from renewable energy.

“As a member of The Climate Group States & Regions Alliance, Scotland has been an inspiration for its significant climate achievements and a world leader for renewable power,” comments Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group. “The leadership Scotland shows is exactly what we need from regional governments in tackling climate change, and now that it will remain part of the union we hope that Scotland will continue to set a clear example on the benefit low carbon technologies can provide, both in terms of sustainable resources and economic growth”.

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