Mumbai workshop tackles scaling up India's LED street lighting

5 August 2014

NEW DELHI: The Climate Group organized a workshop in Mumbai last week on the large-scale deployment of low carbon LED technology for street lighting through public-private partnerships, as supported by the British High Commission.

Public lighting makes up more than 1% of India's electricity consumption, a total which is expected to grow steadily to 7%. But low carbon, energy efficient technologies such as LEDs (light-emitting diodes), offer huge energy saving potential for street lighting.

The Climate Group's LED pilot projects installed across the world with support from various organizations such as British High Commission (BHC), HSBC and Philips, have clearly demonstrated these huge energy savings and the extra tangible and intangible benefits of adopting LEDs.

To help accelerate the transition in India, our closed-door event saw a total of 34 key participants take part in critical brainstorming sessions aimed at engaging stakeholders on future financial opportunities for LED street lighting, with a focus on regulatory policies, fiscal incentives, the role of distribution companies and scope for scaling up.

The Climate Group had interacted with several ULBs (urban local bodies) and distribution companies while carrying out the BHC-funded LED street light initiative in India, and so the workshop served as a platform to present findings around financing options for the various groups, along with their implications.

The initiative supported by BHC aims to establish suitable financing mechanisms toward large-scale adoption of LED street light technology, working in partnership with both the private sector (LED manufacturers, financial institutions and others) and ULBs.

In addition, the second half of the workshop facilitated discussion on the learning and experiences from similar projects, the related challenges, and the adoption of policy options.

Naman Gupta, Senior Climate Change & Energy Advisor, BHC, says: “The Climate Group has done some exceptional work in our collaborative projects. This project will go a long way to the cities we have seen; Haldia, Kolkata, Thane and other cities have also been working out and achieving results. We are really hopeful this project will go a long way and be replicated widely in India in the years to come.”

Krishnan Pallassana, India Director, The Climate Group commented on results from our LED trials in India: "Our LED pilots in Thane and Haldia present clear evidence that the low carbon technology makes sound business sense for any municipality to adopt LED street lighting. But they also illustrate an immense business case for corporates and financial institutions to invest in LED street lighting. It is a classic case of improved technology directly contributing to reduced fossil fuel consumption, while enhancing all-round efficiency. Like in Kolkata, these pilots' initiatives have the potential to catalyze an LED transformation in India, inspiring many other urban bodies. This is a win-win situation for all.”

See more photos from the LED workshop here


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By Anisha Laming

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