Now is right time to pitch renewable solutions in India, says Krishnan Pallassana

Reading time: 8 minutes
23 February 2015

LONDON: Hot on the launch of our latest report 'The business case for off-grid energy in India', today we held a live Twitter Q&A with our India Director Krishnan Pallassana, to discuss the study's findings and the wider opportunity for renewable power in rural India.

The market for off-grid renewable energy in India is fast growing. Solar home systems alone added US$21 million to India's economy last year and it looks to grow even bigger over the coming decade.

During our live chat, Krishnan illustrated how the business case for investing in the sector and region is crystal clear, and is further driven by the fact such a large portion of India's population is not adequately connected to the electricity grid.

While off-grid renewables offer economic opportunities for smart enterprises to be scaled up in India, some critical challenges must first be addressed - but it seems now is the perfect time to address them.

Krishnan Pallassana explained in further detail the economic potential that off-grid renewable business models have, as well as their environmental impact. And that's not even touching on the social and educational impact of the 1 billion extra study hours 2.5 million children received as a benefit of the solar home systems growth in India last year.

After urging investors to act "now", Krishnan talked more precisely about the findings in the report, highlighting some successful case studies as well as what exactly is needed for greater scale up. Supportive policy is a clear need, as well as boosted private sector investment.

The conversation concluded by shifting slightly to markets outside India, and the impact India's own off-grid sector and related research can have on these emerging economies. 


We have also created a series of photo facts using data from the report and pictures from our Bijli - Clean Energy for All project in India. Feel free to download and share them on social media using hashtag #Bijli. Just click play below, scroll through the gallery, and then click on an image to open it in a new window and simply download from there. 

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