Pioneering New Low Carbon Alliance Launched at the Guiyang Eco Forum

Clare Saxon Ghauri
16 July 2014

BEIJING: Nine Chinese new areas have become the founding members of the China Regional Low Carbon Alliance, at the Guiyang Eco Forum Global Annual Conference on July 10.

The special panel event in Guiyang, China, 'Innovative Development of the New Green Zone – Creating Regional Green Growth Pole', which was moderated by Changhua Wu, Greater China Director of The Climate Group, united government officials from the nine national designated 'new areas' for knowledge sharing and information exchange.

By facilitating mutual learning, the event fostered a collaborative partnership which will contribute to low carbon development and green growth in China.


In a post-panel interview with Phoenix TV, Changhua Wu noted Gui’an New Area, which was nationally tasked with protecting natural reserves and developing an ‘eco-civilization’, has distinguished advantages in terms of regulation and policy mechanisms, as well as talent-training programs and technology innovation.

“Gui’an New Area is undertaking its national task and is striving to become a role model for China’s regional green growth development”, the Director observed.

Gui’an New Area is just one of the nine new areas which The Climate Group has established strategic partnerships with. By joining the China Regional Low Carbon Alliance, Chinese provincial and regional governments are committing to a low carbon development path and the initiative will act as an affiliate of The Climate Group’s States & Regions Alliance.

As partners to the new initiative, the nine new areas have agreed a number of principles, namely:

  1. Green transformation and green growth are the primary tasks of economic development;
  2. Green technology is the power to grow green industry;
  3. Institutional and governance reforms, policy-incentives and regulations are to be enhanced and implemented to form the systemic guarantee for the green industrial revolution;
  4. The ideology of green growth shall be cultivated;
  5. Inter-regional exchanges and cooperation on green growth should become today’s norm of partnership.

Libby Ferguson, States & Regions Director of the Climate Group, said: “The Chinese government is very much on the right track in terms of focusing on regional levels of innovation and green growth development.Working at the level of state and regional government allows for a faster and more flexible approach and on a global scale provides huge opportunities for developing, sharing and scaling low carbon growth solutions."

To see photos from the event, please click here

Sino-Israel Institute for Eco-civilization

As another important outcome of the side event, Gui’an New Area and Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem LTD., signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU), agreeing to establish the Sino-Israel Institute for Eco-civilization.

The aim of the joint venture is to develop, demonstrate, disseminate, upgrade and implement technologies and products to directly support sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development in China. In addition, the MoU champions eco-farming, resource conservation, pollution control, environmental protection, and rural growth in Guizhou province and China.

Further Information:

TheInnovative Development of the New Green Zone – Creating Regional Green Growth Pole” is a joint event hosted by Gui’an New Area and The Climate Group, which provides an international platform to convene the leaders from public and private sectors, from academics and civil society, and from China and global to share best practice and knowledge on green growth development

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