President Queyranne: Local governments can spread climate action beyond borders

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1 July 2015

LONDON: The Climate Group hosted President of Rhône-Alpes Jean-Jack Queyranne for a live Twitter Q&A to discuss the power of state and regional government climate action, ahead of a major summit taking place in Lyon, France this week.

First we asked President Queyranne about the Summit, the World Summit Climate & Territories, and what it hopes to achieve.

He explained that together, the participants - which cover nine key thematic areas: local governments, business, youth, NGOs, indigenous people, farmers, scientists, women and trade unions - have the power to come up with "concrete action" for local level action on climate issues; something which is critical in the lead up to the global climate talks in Paris this December.

Emphasis on collaborative, ground-up action was also illustrated by the wide range of activities the region of Rhône-Alpes has undertaken to act on climate. The President also outlined some government programs which have focused on generating green jobs to drive Rhône-Alpes' low carbon economy.

We then opened the conversation up to the public, and President Queyranne answered questions on state and regional governments' role post Paris as well as the need to spotlight their success in lieu of - or perhaps to influence - greater climate action at the national and international level.

Keen to spread word of the fact local governments can help environmental initatives to go far beyond borders by sharing experiences, President Queyranne reminded the audience of the upcoming event which aims to do just that: The World Summit Climate & Territories in Lyon, France, which will actively recognize and show commitment for climate action ahead of this year’s COP 21 Paris meetings through a series of business panels.

The Climate Group States & Regions program brings together sub-national government leaders from around the world in a powerful, high-profile network that shares expertise, demonstrates impact and influences the international climate dialogue.

We are taking part in two critical events, The World Summit Climate & Territories in Lyon, France on July 1-2 and the Climate Summit of the Americas in Ontario, Canada from  July 7 – 9, 2015. Both are for sub-national governments to get full recognition and show their commitment for climate action ahead of this year’s COP 21 Paris meetings.

Follow the events and related Twitter Q&As live using hashtag #StatesandRegions.

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