Short film commemorates 10 years of The Climate Group

6 May 2014

LONDON:  To mark the 10 year anniversary of The Climate Group, a new short film documenting the organization’s work has been launched. Blending facts with arresting images, the mini-documentary highlights the urgent need for “coordinated action on a global scale”.

Since its inception in 2004, The Climate Group has endeavored to bring individuals and communities together with governments and companies to make a change that matters. As an international non-governmental organization, we are committed to driving bold climate action across every sector of society.

We help to make the world act faster and to take the fear out of change. There has been a notable increase in investment in clean energy, and the anniversary film recognizes that:

  • In the UK half a million homes now have solar power
  • In the US there are already 100,000 electric vehicles on the road
  • South Australia produced nearly 30% of its energy from renewables in 2013
  • Since 2002 Bangladesh has installed two million solar systems

We strongly believe that everyone should have access to affordable renewable energies, which is why we are working with 400 million rural poor people in India to guarantee low carbon prosperity for all. Through our Bijli project we are seeking to connect communities with off-grid electricity which will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also enhance quality of life.

However, as the film notes “because we’re small we need your help”. Help comes in many forms, so if you can’t donate, support us by increasing public engagement with the important issues raised. Take a look at this short video, and if you agree, share it on your networks.

Be part of the biggest climate change yet.





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