Tell the G7 to ‘lead by example’ on climate in our mass tweet

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2 June 2015

LONDON: Ahead of the G7 meeting this weekend, The Climate Group is calling on its business and government networks to join a mass tweet urging the world leaders to ‘lead by example’ on climate by supporting ambitious INDCs and a prosperous, low carbon economy

With Germany holding Presidency of the Group of Seven (G7), Chancellor Angela Merkel is hosting the world leaders – Canada, France, Italy, Japan, UK and US – to discuss the global economy on June 7-8, with critical issues including energy security, development policy and climate change high on the agenda.

The G7 leaders are some of the world’s heaviest carbon emitters, with Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK and US collectively accounting for over 25% of global emissions. So as a first step, it is critical all nations support a robust global climate deal at COP21 in Paris to keep global temperature rise below 2C.

But The Climate Group is encouraging our business, government and public network to call on the G7 to do more than wait for agreement this December. We want the world leaders to set an example for other nations by supporting ambitious INDCs – national climate targets – and investing in the global low carbon economy today.

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group says this is because INDCs have the power to shape economies for the better, so they should not merely be ‘minimum targets’ for emissions reductions, but a way to entice forward-looking businesses and high-quality investments. He explains: “Rather than seeing their INDCs as being the least they can get away with internationally while retaining a modicum of credibility, governments should be treating INDCs as investor prospectuses, designed to attract the brightest and best business of the low carbon future.”

While the global low carbon economy is already worth US$5 trillion, The Climate Group urges the G7 to grow this figure further still, by showing other nations that a strong climate deal and investment in a clean energy-based economy is a smart decision that will bring jobs, growth and health benefits to businesses and communities. Close to 1 million renewable energy related jobs were created in 2013 alone, with 60 million more expected over the next 20 years, as our recently launched climate action barometer reminds us.

Even the fossil fuel industry is waking up to these new realities, with chief executives of Europe’s biggest oil companies publicly sharing their support for carbon pricing and a global deal this week, further presenting opportunity for leaders of the G7 to seize.

So we're asking you, our network of business, government and public climate action supporters, to join our digital campaign to tell the G7 to lead by example and encourage all nations to submit ambitious INDCs that will create a robust global climate deal – and a strong low carbon future – in two easy steps:

  1. Sign up to our mass tweet, or 'HeadTalker', here.
  2. Ask your networks to sign up by copying and sharing one of the below tweets:

Or, just click on the retweet button below!



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