We've reached over 350 million people: The Climate Group highlights from Rio+20

28 June 2012

From June 17-19, 2012, The Climate Group proudly hosted the ground-breaking Clean Revolution Summit at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil.

We brought together hundreds of government, business, finance and thought-leaders to inspire the leadership that will compel the tipping-point towards a low carbon economy. Here is a small glimpse of the ambition that was shared in Rio, by those at the very front of this momentous journey.

 “A clean revolution is the only feasible path to a smarter, better, more prosperous future. For all.”   

– Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group   


“Green growth – a clean revolution – is not only possible; it is affordable and it is desperately, urgently needed."

– Andrew Steer, Special Envoy for Climate Change, the World Bank    


“ We want to be at the forefront of the Clean Revolution.”

– Premier Charest, Québec Government     


Some of our most remarkable moments at Rio+20 included:  


  • Hosting the successful, high-profile launch of the Clean Revolution Campaign, our major initiative with the UN and World Bank. Here, the pivotal role of leadership in achieving a clean economy was highlighted, and best examples shared » » »
  • Committing to bold sub-national leadership by our States and Regions Alliance via our Clean Revolution Statement and the preceding unveiling of the agenda-setting report, Clean Revolution Leadership from the World's States and Regions »  » »
  • Releasing the Lighting the Clean Revolution report, a game-changing look at the economic and efficiency benefits of low carbon LED lighting »  » »
  • Sharing outcomes of our research partnership with the highly influential Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a report suggesting China must collaborate internationally and invest in clean technology to sustain growth  » »  »
  • Gaining consensus that the Clean Revolution is a huge opportunity for innovative companies, during a high-level session defining and showcasing transformative solutions from across the world » » »
  • Announcing a new partnership with ISEP which will unlock the potential of the ICT sector » » »
  • Sending an open letter from business and government leaders to the G20 and Rio+20 calling for the Clean Revolution » » »
  • Achieving more than 500 media articles which reached 350 million people in over 40 countries - as well as huge social media buzz of 1.5 million Twitter impressions » »  »
  • Providing a platform for crucial networking between the business and government leaders of our future   


With The Clean Revolution Campaign officially launched, now we need action from innovative leaders like you.

Our three-year Campaign goal is to work with our pioneering business and government partners, who have the power to create a tipping point towards a Clean Revolution. Your support is critical to its success.

Together we will secure a smarter, better, more prosperous future. For all.

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