The Climate Group sows seeds for clean energy network in South Asia

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2 December 2014

NEW DELHI: The Climate Group co-convened an important workshop, which brought together voices from across South Asia to discuss clean energy development in the region.

The workshop, organized with the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) and with support from International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and UKAID, aimed to form a regional federation of associations and networks to promote the renewable energy market in South Asia.

The seeds of the South Asia Network for Clean Energy (StANCE) were planted last November by 31 key representatives from industry associations and multilateral organizations, such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB). On the political side, there were also senior government officials from India and Nepal.

The South Asia region has proven a fast developing economic area over recent years, which is leading to an increase in energy demand. In fact, the ADB estimates the energy demand of the region will more than double by 2035 at an annual rate of 3%.

For the long-term development of the area, it is crucial this demand will be met with clean, reliable energy. This is the main concern in an area where millions have no access to a stable energy grid, with repercussions on economic development, health and other community services.

Investments in the area are slowly growing, but there are still many unexplored opportunities for clean energy businesses. “It is heartening to see some of the most influential national and international thought leaders bring together on a common platform,” underlines Jarnail Singh, India Program Manager, The Climate Group. “This is just a beginning to an initiative that brings together the SAARC countries to have their collective voices for the promotion of clean energy heard.”

The initiative arises from the efforts made by The Climate Group, IRENA and CIIE during the International Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference 2014, last June. The intended network wants to bridge the gap between policy and practice in the clean energy sector, promoting a financial and technological cooperation between the private sector and governments.

See key photos of the StANCE event here:

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