“The evidence is overwhelming that low carbon action is good for the economy”: Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group

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1 September 2015

NEW YORK: The inevitable shift toward clean energy is proving increasingly cost effective, and Climate Week NYC “will be demonstrating that there is a business case for the transition to a low carbon economy,” says Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group, and one of the world’s leading climate policy experts.

This encouraging message marks the launch of The Climate Group’s Climate TV, our new digital channel which will be packed with exclusive video interviews with business leaders, politicians and practitioners committed to tackling climate change. 


“One of the biggest changes has been the growing financial and economic evidence that those who are switching to low carbon, adopting energy efficiency practice, those who are taking up renewable energy – are doing it because it makes financial and economic sense,” underlines Mark Kenber in the video. “All around the world the evidence is overwhelming that low carbon action is good for the economy.”

This is why this year’s Climate Week NYC is so important, he explains: “It contributes to the momentum towards Paris, by giving governments the confidence for the ambitious targets we hope they will sign up to are not detrimental to their economies – in fact, they are catalysts for further growth and development in the future.”

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The global climate talks in Paris later this year must lead to a new, global agreement. But will it be effective and as good as the world needs?

“On current showing, the answer is clearly no,” answers Mark Kenber. “But Paris is a starting point, a turning point. It signals all the sectors of the community, all the parts of the economy – investors, business-makers, business leaders, financiers, politicians – that we are now on the road to a low carbon economy, something that The Climate Group has been advocating for well over a decade. And that will happen because people see it not only as desirable, but also viable and financially attractive.”

The formal Paris agreement, once signed, will not enter into force until 2020. This leaves five years of potential uncertainty in the fight against climate change. But “no sensible leader is going to wait until 2020 before getting the ball rolling to meet these targets,” says Mark Kenber.

“This will happen thanks to the so-called ‘non state actors’, and by which we mean businesses, investors, regional governments and cities. Each of those, over the last two years, have been working on making new commitments, raising their level of ambition.”

What’s the message to the COP21 delegates, then? “The world, the business community, investors, sub-national governments are ready, they are willing and they are able”, concludes Mark Kenber. “They just need you to set up a clear and ambitious sense of direction.”

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During The Climate Group’s countdown to #CWNYC from Sep 1-20, we will release a series of video interviews for Climate TV. The high-level interviews with experts and leaders will give unique insights into specific policy and business issues linked to climate and low carbon growth, as well as make exclusive announcements.

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Our digital countdown to Climate Week NYC 2015 runs from September 1-20.

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#CWNYC 2015

Climate Week NYC is a key event in the international calendar that brings together leading governments, investors, businesses, innovators and opinion formers. The Climate Group launched Climate Week NYC in 2009, and has acted as the secretariat since its inception.

Host to more than 100 affiliate events from September 21-28, Climate Week NYC 2015 is the collaborative space for climate events in support of the UN Summit to adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda. 

ClimateWeekNYC.org | @ClimateWeekNYC | #CWNYC

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