Tony Blair says China's low carbon society will open up new jobs for innovative young people, at youth project launch in Beijing

13 December 2013

BEIJING: Today The Climate Group, YouChange Foundation and China Philanthropist Magazine hosted the Youth Lead You Change Forum in Beijing, to launch our low carbon leadership training program.

Youth Lead You Change aims to provide a group of innovative young people with the professional training they need to become future leaders of China's sustainable economy. The project's long-term aim is to expand beyond China to become a global training program. 

Using MBA-modeled courses, real case studies and internship opportunities, the program will build the students' knowledge and networks around low carbon growth in China. There will also be venture guidance and a seeding fund to help the students set up their own green businesses. 

The launch of Youth Lead You Change was officiated by Rt Hon Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister; Niu Gensheng, Founder of Lao Niu Foundation; Wang Ping, Chairman of YouChange Foundation; Wu Changhua, Greater China Director of The Climate Group; Liu Xiaoguang, Chairman of Capital Group; Jiang Hui ChengManaging Director, Hainan The First Investment Holdings Group and Founder of Chengmei Charity Foundation; Wei Xue, Publisher of China Philanthropist Magazine and Executive Director of TCL Foundation and Zhao Tao, Chairman of Buchang Pharma.

Former UK Prime Minister Rt Hon Tony Blair and long-time supporter of The Climate Group, said: “Personnel is key to the success of a global clean revolution, which is now being led by China. The country continues to move away from the reliance on fossil fuels, and is transforming towards a green and low carbon society. This will open up new jobs for green-minded and innovative people.”

Qiao Wei, Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese encouraged technically-skilled young people and entrepreneurs in China and overseas to contribute their talents to the sustainable development of the society in his speech: “We have to realize that future development is dictated by the human resources we cultivate today. A group of green-minded and innovative young people will lead China onto a healthy path of socio-economic development.” 

Wang Ping, Chairman of YouChange Foundation stated that investing in the future equates to investing in the environment, youths and innovation: “There is no future when we are in the haze and can’t even breathe normally. There is no future if the youngsters are giving up their study and career while indulging in online games. There is no future when we are only creating a bubble economy instead of solid innovations.” Wang called for contributions from people from all walks of live to join the "big family" of Youth Lead You Change and mobilize a great social movement based on innovation to create true values and wealth for the society.

“The next two years will be a critical period for global societies to explore the potential of sustainable development, and to agree on the common objectives for UN global sustainable development goals and a climate change agenda. This is also the last two years of meeting the targets of the 12th Five Year Plan,” said Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group. “Youth Lead You Change is a common vision of all nations. The support from different community sectors will be a key success factor to the project.”

Wei Xue, Publisher of China Philanthropist Magazine mentioned that: “Nurturing innovative personnel is a common vision among Chinese philanthropic bodies. To philanthropists and investors, inspiration and excitation from entrepreneurs is a prime nutrient to youth development.”

Youth Lead You Change is going to follow the learning model of MBA courses. By studying real cases of hot topics and key aspects in sustainable development, students will be able to explore the paths and models for future sustainable development in China. There will be sharing from entrepreneurs plus analysis by professionals and scholars, which are going to uplift the leadership power of young people,“ said Niu Gensheng, Founder of Lao Niu Foundation.

A special fund supporting Youth Lead You Change is being activated, with donations from The Impact Fund, which was jointly initiated by YouChange Foundation, The Climate Group and GreenChinaLab and launched on November 16 2013 at the China Hi-tech Fair. This is the first equity investment fund guided by social values in mainland China.

Currently, Youth Lead You Change is calling for commercial case studies of sustainable development in China. It plans to identify and consolidate six case studies within the next two months. Enrolment for the students will start in March 2014.

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