Wales demands rapid clean revolution to deliver jobs and economic development

18 February 2013

LONDON: The Climate Change Commission for Wales has launched its second annual report, which demands a rapid shift to a low carbon economy to deliver jobs and economic development.

The Commission’s report outlines its work over the past year and lists action priorities for the 2013-14 period.

The annual report charts Wales’s biggest priority as an urgent shift to a low carbon economy to cut harmful emissions and save energy, further spurred on by the fact greener goods sectors have continued to grow despite the recession.

Peter Davies, Chair of the Climate Change Commission for Wales, said “The Climate Change Commission members agree unanimously a choice between the economy and the environment is not the way forward.

“We are clear that the solution to both the financial and environmental problems is a transition to a low carbon economy. The economic transition needs to be rapid and Wales needs to be ready for the competitive and collaborative nature of these changes.”

Luc Bas, Director of European Programs and International States and Regions, The Climate Group said: “This latest report comes at a key moment when Welsh politicians can better understand that emissions reductions and economic development are not separate issues.

"As The Commission clearly shows here, a swift transition to a low carbon economy - with a focus on buildings and transport - will not only deliver a healthier environment but generate thousands of Welsh jobs.”

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