When solar becomes a unanimous prerogative: Inter Solar Summit India 2014

15 October 2014

Anisha Laming, India Communication Manager, The Climate Group, talks about her experience at the Inter Solar Summit India held in Bangalore last month. The summit is India's largest exhibition and conference for the solar industry, aiming to increase the share of solar power in the energy supply.

Imagine more than 250 people - from reputed think tanks, some CEOs, several manufacturers and suppliers of solar - under one roof, talking vehemently and ever so passionately about what is now forming a revolution: the solar revolution.

This is what you could have seen at the Inter Solar Summit India, organized by Solar Promotion International and FREIBURG Management Marketing International in Bengaluru - the capital of the state of Karnataka in southern India, on the Deccan Plateau.

A daylong event, the summit had interactive sessions on state level policy making, solutions to off-grid energy alliances and solar subsidies. Among other relevant discussions, one of the most talked about was the critical need for stable clean energy supply.

With an ever increasing demand backed by government policy initiatives, energy storage is all set to become a key aspect towards the overall goal of India's progressive energy initiatives.

The panel discussions varied from size and scope of India's energy market today to reducing the energy cost and carbon footprint through solar photovoltaic generation. Due to higher renewable energy contribution, which is currently about 13% of the total electricity generation, India increasingly demands energy storage integration.

A good example for this reason would be the mega grid failure of 2012 in India (termed as the largest electricity blackout in history), where over 620 million people were totally cut off from power supply. Such instances surely only pave the way to empathize the energy industry's need for a prominent storage solution in the off grid clean energy sector.

Coming back to the mecca of solar lovers, the inter solar summit India exuded a strong sense of ‘we can and we shall’ progress in India's solar dream - which led the guest of honor, Jorn Rohde, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bangalore, to announce that he shall extend all the help that he could to replicate Germany's brilliant solar models in India.

The event concluded with some realizations, ideas, sheer optimism and a whole notepad full of notes to follow up!

Under the new government, India is sure to witness advanced and self-sufficient off grid energy markets. So, most talk about energy security may turn into reality in a few years, by promoting renewable energy and further progressing on advanced technologies like clean energy and micro grid implementation.

No doubt, India's solar potential is virtually limitless. As solar is rapidly becoming a mainstream energy option, India needs to think about the best ways to deploy it.

By Anisha Laming

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