World’s largest EV fast charger network planned for China

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20 February 2014

BEIJING: China could soon host the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) fast-charger network, thanks to a new collaboration between power and auto technology group, ABB and automaker Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology, (trading as Denza).

ABB has announced that it will supply direct current fast chargers to Denza electric car dealerships, in response to growing consumer demand for faster EV charging in China.

The Denza car is fully electric and capable of journeys which exceed 200 kilometers, making it one of the best long-range EVs on sale in China. But according to ABB, market research shows EVs that can go the distance are simply not enough to capture consumer interest - modern electric car buyers also require quick and efficient charging times. 

Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO, ABB Group, is confident that fast charges will give consumers the impetus to make the switch and give the EV industry the support it needs to grow: “We are honored to be a partner in this venture to move urban transportation forward in a more sustainable way. By combining car sales with fast chargers, Denza is taking a bold step to address a key obstacle for potential buyers of EVs.”

The Chinese government has also taken steps to drive the EV market forward with the introduction of a direct current fast charging 'GBT' standard and associated incentives, that it hopes will foster technical innovation and stimulate market acceptance of EVs. 

The GBT standard will give Chinese citizens the option of charging their vehicles at home or at public charging stations, ensuring that EVs become a real alternative to the standard automotive. It is expected that public charging stations will be rolled out in the immediate to short-term future. 

Image attribution: El monty

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By Alana Ryan

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