Young future leaders of China's low carbon economy visit US

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12 February 2014

BEIJING: A delegation of 10 leading young entrepreneurs from China began a visit to the US today, as part of an innovative new program that provides training for the future leaders of China's sustainable economy.

The US Energy Trip aims to broaden the Chinese college students’ understanding of US energy and climate change policies, innovation and practices, by meeting young American entrepreneurs as well as leading US institutions and non-profits in the sector.

The trip is part of our Youth Lead You Change program which was launched with Rt Hon Tony Blair last month. The program uses MBA-modeled courses, real case studies and internship opportunities to provide a group of young people with the professional training they need to set up their own green businesses and become future leaders of China's sustainable economy. The project's long-term aim is to expand beyond China to become a global training program. 

Led by Mi Yan, a young Chinese entrepreneur, and supported by The Climate Group, during their US visit the delegates will visit institutes and universities including The Climate Group’s NYC office, Columbia University, China Center of Vantone Group in New York, One Bryant Park (thanks to The Durst Organization), the World Bank, Johns Hopkins University, Woodrow Wilson Center, American University and MIT among others. They will also participate in the MIT Energy Summit, from February 21-22. 

“A major highlight of the youth leadership in sustainable energy development,” said Changhua Wu, Greater China Director of The Climate Group. “The US Energy Trip marks a further enhanced communication and dialogue among the youth leaders in China and the US to join hands and minds to tackle climate change and energy security challenges.”

Mi Yan, founder of The Youth Lead, the Chinese youth leadership platform that organized the US Energy Trip, said: “When tackling climate change and environmental problems is concerned, the younger generations today share more common ground and a global vision of a sustainable and prosperous future regardless of race, culture or nation. As the two biggest economies in the world, China and US ought to set a good example in sustainable development. The close communication between the youth leaders in both countries will surely strengthen mutual understanding and stimulate innovative collaboration.”

Yan Mi is one of the ten winners from last year's China Youth Project led by The Climate Group in China. A graduate from School of Materials Science and Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, in 2013, Yan Mi started the China Energy Trip in 2009 in his sophomore year. The China Energy Trip is a summer program designed for college students around the world to come to China to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of China's energy policy and development. In the last five years, the program has offered 81 international students to China and build up a network of youth talents for a global sustainable energy future.

The Youth Lead platform plans to organize a second US Energy Trip to the West Coast in the summer, while three delegations from around the world will be organized under a China Energy Trip later in the year.

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