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Climate Group Asia Action Summit

SteelZero Summit

For the first time, we’re bringing our action summit series to Asia as part of our global roadmap to Climate Week NYC. ​



The Summit will convene SteelZero’s global members in the dominant steelmaking region of Asia, identifying the most pressing challenges in building policies and technologies to support steel decarbonisation. ​

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09:00 – 09:05 (5mins)  

Keynote speeches 

09:05 – 09:20 (15mins)  

Signing Ceremony 

09:20 – 09:35 SGT (15 mins)  

Join us for a special moment as we recognize and celebrate the leadership of our newest SteelZero members, including our first ever Asia-based members. This signing ceremony marks their commitment to driving the transition towards a low-carbon steel industry, and is a significant milestone for SteelZero as we expand our work into the Asia-Pacific region. 

Making the Market: Asia-Pacific’s role in global steel decarbonisation 

09:35 – 10:25 SGT (50 mins)  

The Asia-Pacific region plays a pivotal role in the global steel market as a major producer and consumer. In this engaging panel discussion, we will delve into how the APAC market can spearhead the transition to low-carbon steel on a global scale. From iron ore production to end users of steel, every link in the value chain holds the power to drive meaningful progress. Join us as we explore strategies, collaborations, and innovative approaches that can shape the future of sustainable steel. 

Getting to Zero: The Path Ahead for Steel 

10:25 – 10:55 SGT (30mins)   

Step into the world of steel decarbonisation as our technical and market experts come together to share their invaluable insights. Explore the immense opportunities and intricate challenges involved in the journey towards decarbonising steel, with a special focus on the crucial global transition to renewable energy sources, including the transformative potential of hydrogen. From breakthrough technologies to market trends and policy developments, this session will provide a comprehensive view of the state of play and the path ahead for steel decarbonisation. 

Networking Break 

10:55 – 11:30 SGT (35mins)   

Fireside Chat: Accelerating Progress Through Supply Chain Relationships 

11:30 – 12:00 SGT (30mins)  

Join us for a fireside chat with ResponsibleSteel and SKF, the world's largest bearings manufacturer, as they explore the crucial role of supply chain relationships in fostering sustainability within the steel industry. Gain valuable insights into how responsible procurement practices can drive positive change, enabling a collective shift towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future for steel.  

Progress Points: Showcasing SteelZero Members’ Achievements and Ambitions 

12:00 – 13:00 SGT (60mins)  

SteelZero members take the stage to present their remarkable achievements and ambitious projects. Through a series of dynamic quickfire case study presentations, you'll witness first-hand the transformative projects driving demand for low carbon steel. Following the presentations, seize the opportunity to directly engage with the speakers during an interactive audience Q&A session, where you can delve deeper into their experiences and gain valuable insights.  

Closing speech 

13:00 – 13:10 (10 mins)  


  • Jen Carson, Head of Industry, Climate Group   

  • Helen Clarkson, CEO, Climate Group   

  • His Excellency Key Young Kim, Vice Governor, of Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea, Asia-Pacific Co-Chair of the Under2 Coalition of State and Regional Governments  

  • Peta Olesen, Director, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Australian Government 

  • Pascal Langeais, Head of APAC Procurement & Supply Chain, Ørsted  

  • Liu Bin, Director and General Manager, Shenzhen CIMC TCREA Supply Chain Company Limited 

  • Yuming Hui, China Director, Climate Group  

  • Divya Sharma, India Director, Climate Group 

  • Maximillian Schnippering, Head of Global Sustainability, Siemens Gamesa 

  • Joelle Chen, Head of Sustainability, Asia, Lendlease

  • Annie Heaton, CEO, ResponsibleSteel

  • Cearo Wang, Head of EHS and Net Zero, China and North East Asia, SKF