Asia Renewables Growth Forum 2024

21 May 2024, Seoul

Asia has the potential to become a leading force in the global green energy transition.

The Asia Renewables Growth Forum is set to explore the most exciting opportunities available to further unlock renewables in the region. With commitments having been made to triple renewable energy by 2030, this forum sets out to explore how countries in Asia might make this pledge a reality.

It will include the launch of a new report on power purchase agreements in South Korea, reflecting on the role of business leadership in this agenda.

Asia Renewables Growth Forum
Climate Group Asia Action Summit

What is the Asia Renewables Growth Forum?

This one-day event redefines the nexus of collaboration and innovation, bringing the sharpest minds from across the public and private sectors in Asia to Seoul.​​

The Asia Pacific region is essential to the net zero transition and can be the driver for sustainable products around the world. Major economies can take a global leadership role by driving decarbonisation to meet the rapidly growing demand for renewable electricity and net zero products.

So we’re uniting business, political, NGO and advocacy leaders from across the Asia ​Pacific region in Seoul for a full program of talks, debates, workshops, and meetings.​

This is a platform to participate, not just discuss. This is a place to implement ideas, ​not just talk about them. To tackle climate change we need a little less conversation ​and a lot more action.

Together we’ll build a collaborative platform ​for progress and action that unlocks the solutions to powering renewables growth in Asia. 

Climate Group Asia Action Summit

What's on the agenda?

Our agenda has been specially curated to facilitate big conversations on stage while allowing leaders to drill into the detail during closed-door workshops and roundtables.

Home to the world's largest energy consumers, Asia is at risk from the devastating impacts of climate change. Countries in the region must act. Fast.

Commitments have been made, however, their scope and implementing leave much to be desired. This year’s agenda will address some of the biggest barriers blocking swift and meaningful change in the region. 

Climate Group Asia Action Summit

Who will be there?

The event is designed to foster actionable insights and forge strategic partnerships between the public and private sector.​

We’ll bring together: ​

  • Governments​: With a focus fully directed on implementation, the event brings together the key decision makers from State and National governments from within the Asia Pacific region, curating a forum with urgency and action at its core.​
  • Business​es: The event is a focal point for companies to engage in accelerating progress. We bring together senior business leaders from our internationally recognised RE100, EP100 and SteelZero campaigns, as well as our wider network. ​
  • Civil societies​: Drawing on our relationships with local civil society groups, we will leverage their local voice to amplify the message and opportunity around Asia’s renewables growth journey. 


How can I find out more about sponsorship opportunities?

We work with businesses, philanthropists, funders and states to support our event goals and missions. Contact us if you're interested in sponsoring.

How can I submit any media enquiries?

Get in touch for any media-related questions.

How can I submit a request to be a speaker at the event?

If you’re a climate leader from business, policy, or advocacy, complete our speaker request form.

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