Getting Real

A blueprint for a commercially smart climate transition

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Getting Real provides a blueprint for a commercially smart climate transition, distilling the vast collective insight of the world’s most experienced corporate climate action practitioners to demonstrate how ambitious climate commitments can be turned into tangible outcomes.

Key findings

Own the problem – don’t offload it

Owning the problem of your whole value chain, not offloading it to others, creates the most climate and commercial impact

  • Companies should look beyond their own footprint to reduce the emissions of the whole system or value chain they are part of.
  • Greening their own part by moving emissions elsewhere doesn’t decarbonize anything.
  • How we measure companies’ performance needs to allow and encourage this more inclusive and collaborative approach.

Innovate the business – not just the technology

Climate transition demands business innovation, not just technology innovation

  • Leaders need to create the conditions for experiment and innovation within their businesses, in addition to the bets they make on technology.
  • A transformation this fundamental will create new value, but it’s not just about charging customers a green premium.
  • Companies need to innovate ways to create and share in that value, e.g. through getting into adjacent business areas, growing deeper and more collaborative customer relationships, and accessing funding that values their climate actions.

Build experience – don’t wait for it to get easier

Acting now is urgent for your business success, not just for tackling climate change

  • The urgency to act is only partly from the urgency of climate change itself.
  • The learning curve is steep and still getting steeper: companies are rapidly building experience of how to achieve their climate goals with commercial success.
  • The longer you leave it to start, the greater the risk of being left behind.

Engage stakeholders – don’t try this alone

Effective climate action takes collaboration; it is not the sum of everyone doing their own thing

  • Effective climate action is not the sum of everybody doing their own part; it takes collaboration.
  • Working with customers and suppliers is critical to solve the problems of the value chain.
  • Engaging policymakers and investors is critical to create the conditions for climate and commercial success.

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