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Let's speak about Community Based Solutions

Apr 20 2021, 14:00 BST - Apr 20 2021, 14:50 BST

Apr 20 2021, 09:00 EDT - Apr 20 2021, 09:50 EDT

Hosted by Global Alliance of Territorial Communities

Numerous scientific studies show that Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities are the best guardians of forests, and therefore front-line partners in mitigating global warming and also in keeping dangerous viruses in their natural environments. However, the global process of discussion on climate change, with its mechanisms for local action and financing, works exclusively through national governments. As a result, indigenous people are left out of the global conversation on solutions to climate change; worse even, some governments persecute leaders who oppose the destruction of natural resources in their territories. These international mechanisms are therefore leaving aside key allies and funds are not arriving where they are most needed.

Today, indigenous peoples and local communities in low and middle income countries have customary rights to 50% of forest lands. For half of this area our rights are legally recognized, allowing us to implement various initiatives to protect the forests that need financial and technical support. For the other half of the area for which we have claims, legal recognition is urgently needed.

As an alliance representing forest peoples in 18 countries and 400 million ha of tropical forests, we want to introduce the concept of “community based solutions”.