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The Market Driven Renewable Electricity Transition

Nov 16 2020, 15:30 UTC - Nov 16 2020, 17:00 UTC

Voluntary sourcing of renewable electricity by some of the world’s most influential companies is a rapidly growing global movement. Representing billions of dollars of potential investment in renewable electricity infrastructure, corporate energy users are challenging governments to increase their renewable energy ambition to meet demand.

An important driver for this movement is the RE100 initiative, which brings together over 250 companies committed to sourcing 100% of their global electricity demand from renewable sources. With combined electricity demand greater than that of Australia or Taiwan, these companies are leading a market-driven electricity transition.

This 90-minute session brings together thought-leaders and leading companies, policy makers and utilities, to discuss the $98bn win-win opportunity for the environment, business, governments and taxpayers.


RE100 Race to Zero Dialogue Agenda

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