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SteelZero summit

SteelZero: Raising the demand side voice for net zero steel

May 31 2022, 07:00 UTC - May 31 2022, 17:00 UTC

May 31 2022, 09:00 CET - May 31 2022, 19:00 CET

We’re at a pivotal moment for the decarbonisation of steel. Climate Group, in partnership with ResponsibleSteel, invites members of SteelZero and our wider network to join us at this inaugural, in-person event, hosted by founding member Ørsted.

We’ll convene in Copenhagen, an apt location as Denmark is a long-standing global sustainability pioneer, with a track record of setting transformative agendas that drive the green transition forward.

With the steel sector alone accounting for 7% of annual global carbon emissions, it’s crucial that we decarbonise the industry if we’re to be within a fighting chance of limiting global temperature rise to below 1.5C. We need strong partnerships, collaborative relationships and productive conversations right across the steel value chain to drive change at the scale and pace needed.

Since our launch in November 2020, the SteelZero membership alongside Climate Group and Responsible Steel has been laying the foundational principles for all steel procurement globally to move to responsibly sourced, low emission, and ultimately net zero.

This event provides an opportunity for our members and the wider steel industry to meet at this crucial moment, mobilising and unifying transformative global demand for net zero steel.

What are the key themes?

  • Leadership

    Hear from leaders within the SteelZero membership shaping, accelerating, and driving forward the conversation on the steel sector transition  
  • Learning & collaboration

    Reconnect SteelZero membership and wider working groups to share challenges, opportunities and lessons learned on the steel decarbonisation agenda 
  • Action 

    Strategies to support SteelZero members to implement their net zero commitments, co-development of practical tools, resources and supply chain guidance for responsible procurement and specification 
  • Policy 

    Reflection on the key global policy themes that are needed to deliver and scale decarbonisation within the steel sector 
  • Finance & investment 

    Explore finance and investment strategies required to facilitate and ensure the transition to decarbonisation technologies now 

This event is exclusive to members of SteelZero and our wider steel industry network. If you are interested in joining but are not yet in touch with the SteelZero team, please contact Emma Kemp, Engagement Manager - Industry at [email protected].