About EP100

EP100 is a global corporate energy efficiency initiative, led by Climate Group, bringing together over 125 ambitious businesses committed to improving their energy efficiency. 

EP100 members are committed to doubling their energy productivity, rolling out energy management systems, or achieving net zero carbon buildings. Through public commitments, and driving towards those targets, companies can show climate leadership and send a powerful signal to policymakers and other businesses about the enormous climate potential of energy efficiency.

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How to join EP100

By taking energy efficiency from the boiler room to the boardroom, EP100 members are reducing their emissions whilst improving competitiveness and inspiring others to follow their lead.  You can join EP100 in three different ways:

  • Doubling energy productivity within 25 years
  • Implementing an energy management system within 10 years
  • Committing to own, occupy and develop net zero carbon operational assets by 2030

Learn more about how to join EP100 via one of these three pathways.

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The business case

There's a strong business case for joining EP100. Energy efficiency improvements can cut emissions and save companies billions. To date, EP100 members have saved $1.2 USD billion whilst reducing their emissions by more than the annual emissions of Denmark, Italy and Portugal combined.

By improving the energy used in their buildings, processes, and products, EP100 members are showing climate leadership and future-proofing their businesses.

Energy productivity

What is energy productivity?

Energy productivity is the ratio of economic output to energy consumption.

Members can commit to double their economic output from every unit of energy consumed within their operations globally. This commitment can be viewed as EP100’s most ambitious pathway. By implementing efficiency measures, EP100 members improve their energy productivity and get more 'bang for their buck' – while reducing their emissions at the same time. 

Climate Group and EP100

Through EP100, Climate Group shares the compelling business case for increased energy efficiency. 

EP100 is delivered as part of the We Mean Business coalition. Alongside renewable power and electric vehicles, making smarter use of energy is a practical step companies can take to lower their emissions, future-proof their business and demonstrate climate leadership.

More info on our three commitment pathways

To become a member of EP100, companies choose among three commitments:

  1. Double Energy Productivity: A company commits to double its economic output from every unit of energy it consumes globally within at least 25 years, from a fixed baseline year no earlier than 2005. The company chooses a relevant energy productivity metric (e.g. units of product/gigawatts (GW); full time employees/megawatt hours (MWh)) to track and report progress.
  2. Implement an Energy Management System: A company commits to implementing an EnMS globally across its operations within at least 10 years. The company also commits to an energy efficiency improvement target and chooses a relevant energy productivity metric.
  3. Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A company commits to occupy, own, or develop net zero carbon operational assets by 2030. The company also commits to maximise the reduction of embodied carbon in new developments or major renovations, compensating for any residual upfront embodied carbon emissions at point of practical completion of the project. Climate group runs this pathway in collaboration with the World Green Building Council

Frequently asked questions

For further information see our EP100 FAQs.

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