Building demand for net zero steel

SteelZero is a global initiative that brings together leading organisations to speed up the transition to a net zero steel industry.

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Tackling one of the highest emitting industries

Steel is the world’s most widely used material – but despite technologies existing for production to be decarbonised, steelmaking is currently one of the biggest emitters of CO2 globally.

Organisations that join SteelZero make a public commitment to buy and use 50% low emission steel by 2030, setting a clear pathway to using 100% net zero steel by 2050. By harnessing their collective purchasing power and influence, we’re sending a strong demand signal to shift global markets and policies towards responsible production and sourcing of steel.

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Joining SteelZero

To become a member of SteelZero, organisations must make a public commitment to buy and use 100% net zero steel by 2050 and an interim commitment to buy and use low emission steel for 50% of its steel requirement by 2030.

SteelZero members

Our members span a diverse range of sectors, from the construction and automotive industries to renewable energy and shipping.


Why is it important to address the future of steel? Why should businesses join SteelZero? Are there any reporting requirements?

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