Building demand for net zero steel

SteelZero is a global initiative bringing together leading organisations to speed up the transition to a net zero steel industry.

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We're tackling one of the highest emitting industries

Steel is one of the world’s most widely used materials. Technologies exist for it to be decarbonised but steelmaking remains one of the biggest emitters of emissions globally, currently responsible for around 8% of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

This can and must change. Now. That’s why we’re bringing together steel users globally to make a public commitment to buy and use net zero steel. 

By harnessing their collective purchasing power and influence, we’re sending a clear message of demand to steelmakers, policymakers and investors to speed up widescale production of net zero steel.

SteelZero is speeding up net zero transition of the steel industry

SteelZero in numbers



Over 40 businesses globally, and counting, have joined our initiative and made their commitment to net zero steel.



Our SteelZero members span eight sectors, from automotive, construction and shipping, to manufacturing, HVAC, renewable energy generation and watchmaking. They're leading the way in their sectors in addressing their steel-related emissions.

10 million


Around 10 million tonnes of steel is already used and committed to be decarbonised by our members. That’s around the same amount of steel the UK uses every year.

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