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India report

Policy principles to speed up the global transition to net zero steel

The SteelZero global policy positions sets out the six clear policy principles that governments must adopt to support the global decarbonisation of the steel industry.

The report calls on government decision makers to:

  • Promote a global standard and definition on what low emission and net zero steel is
  • Support the public sector in using low emission and net zero steel in current and future projects
  • Get businesses to measure and report on the carbon emissions associated with the steel they use
  • Encourage better use of steel in the first place while ensuring that steel can be easily recycled
  • Set expectations on what's needed from steelmakers to drastically cut carbon emissions
  • Create a level playing field for net zero steel in global markets.

Download the report.

India net zero steel demand outlook report

This report gives a deep dive into the sectors driving domestic consumption of net zero steel in India and the factors which will drive this demand in the coming decade. 

The report also highlights the economic and decarbonisation opportunities available to Indian steelmakers today and makes a case for the adoption of low carbon technologies for steel production.

Download the report.