We drive low carbon industry innovation.

Cement factory


Global energy consumption from industry has the potential to be reduced by 25% if the best available technologies are adopted to improve efficiency. A more circular economy can reduce CO2 emissions from four major industry sectors (plastics, steel, aluminium and cement) by 40% globally, and by 56% in developed economies like Europe by 2050.  

At the Climate Group, we're driving low carbon industry innovation. We're doing this by building and showcasing demand for low carbon or alternative cement / concrete and zero carbon steel. We're also bring together the key players from business and government to discuss, collaborate and share knowledge in a way that supports industry action and encourages clear and supportive policies.

Our work on industry

Industry Transition Platform

Highly-industrialised regions cutting industry emissions

We work with Under2 Coalition governments from highly industrialised regions across Europe and North America to develop strategies to cut industry emissions, while supporting jobs, growth and prosperity.


Double Energy Productivity Commitment

Through our EP100 initiative with the Alliance to Save Energy, companies are committing to doubling their economic output from every unit of energy consumed globally within 25 years.


Energy Management System Commitment

Also through EP100, companies can commit to implementing an energy management system in their facilities within 10 years alongside a productivity target.


Building demand for net zero steel

SteelZero is a global initiative that brings together leading organisations to speed up the transition to a net zero steel industry.

Global Framework Principles for decarbonising heavy industry

Guidelines to help policymakers cut their industry emissions

Activating states and regions for a green recovery of heavy industry

Policy recommendations for states and regions