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Join SteelZero

Join a group of leading organisations building demand for net zero steel. 

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Joining SteelZero sends a powerful signal to steel producers, investors and policymakers to accelerate the transition to widescale production of net zero steel. We also provide a platform for leading organisations, their peers and suppliers to come together and address some of the barriers currently facing them in their steel supply chains.

To join, we invite organisations to make a public commitment to procuring, specifying or stocking 100% net zero steel by 2050 and an interim commitment to procuring, specifying or stocking 50% of its steel requirement by 2030, meeting one or a combination of:

  • ResponsibleSteel™ Certified Steel, or equivalent
  • Steel produced by a steelmaking site where the site’s corporate owner has medium-term, quantitative science-based GHG emissions target for the corporation
  • Low Embodied Carbon Steel, with a defined specific emissions intensity which takes into account the proportion of end of life scrap

We'd love to hear from you about joining SteelZero. If you'd like to find out more and set up an introductory call or request a joining form, please get in touch!


At a glance - SteelZero 2023.pdf

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Date added: 28/09/23

An overview of the SteelZero initiative

SteelZero Commitment Framework.pdf

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Date added: 06/03/23

Information on the commitment framework for SteelZero