Further, Faster, Together: Under2 Leaders Actions at COP26

The UN Climate Summit in Glasgow (COP26) is a significant opportunity to set the agenda for state and regional efforts on climate between now and 2030.

Further, Faster, Together


As the world’s leading climate ambition coalition, the Under2 Coalition will demonstrate that state and regional governments are on the frontline of implementation and serious about taking transformative and far-reaching action towards the 2030 agenda. 

States and regions continue to be vital to global efforts to fight climate change and Under2 Coalition member governments have each adopted plans for a wide range of ambitious actions across different sectors to address the climate crisis - with targets of 2030 or earlier.


Governments are focused on helping each other succeed in meeting these targets. The goals are to:

1) Increase our individual and collective ambition to compel our national governments to do the same.

2) Send a clear market signal that there is a demand for zero-emission technologies and incentivize industry to invest and produce.

3) Demonstrate tangible climate action.


Built environment

Clean transportation


Environmental justice

Inter-governmental cooperation and planning

Nature-based solutions


We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to effectively mitigate climate change. The actions we take in the next five years will determine the fate of our species. I’m proud to stand with this global coalition of governors and mayors to go beyond pledges.

Together, we are charting a path to make tangible, meaningful progress to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and get to net zero by 2050. Now is the time for leaders to buckle down and get it done.

Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State

Statements from New South Wales and Western Cape

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