Future Fund

Established in 2017, the Future Fund is a unique Under2 Coalition project that was developed not only for its governments but also by its governments. 

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About the Future Fund

The Future Fund is a powerful source of climate funding, supporting subnational governments on their journey to reach net zero emissions by 2050, at the latest. 

Each year, it relies on funding from contributing governments and corporate foundations to support climate action in developing and emerging economy regions. It does this through directly funded capacity-building projects, peer learning and knowledge exchange secondments, and access to global climate events and forums in regional languages.

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Supporting developing and emerging economy regions

The role of developing and emerging economy regions is fundamental to make a difference to the world’s climate system.

Not only can these regions contribute to a decarbonised world, but implementing mitigation measures can carry significant and much-needed health and socioeconomic benefits to local populations.

However, due to a lack of resources these regions have traditionally struggled to join international climate networks, participate in meetings, develop mitigation capacities or share lessons learned. The Future Fund is working to change that. 

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Applications for our 2024 Future Fund cycle are now open!

Who is eligible to apply?
State and regional governments of the Under2 Coalition with a GDP per capita of less than 20,000 USD are eligible to apply to the Future Fund 2024. You can apply for up to one project, one secondment and one travel support.

How to apply
Please download an application form and submit the completed form to [email protected] by midnight BST on Friday, 31 May 2024

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2022: a five year celebration of the Future Fund

2022 marked the five year anniversary of the Future Fund. 

It's achieved a lot since its launch in 2017.

Take a look at our highlights from the past five years. 

Funding priorities


Engaging in Under2 Coalition activities through capacity building

We aim to provide support on developing 2050 pathways, implementing innovative policy solutions and establishing robust inventories through direct funding to selected regions.


Participating in international negotiations through active engagement and network expansion

We work on recruitment and active engagement with governments from developing and emerging economy regions to commit to the Under2 Coalition’s goals and participate in our programs and events. 


Fostering knowledge exchange

We aim to encourage peer-to-peer learning through secondments between developing and developed regions on relevant climate policies and actions.


The Future Fund was launched at COP22 in Marrakech, with founding contributions from Under2 Coalition governments. 

Province of Alberta


Government of Navarra


Government of Ontario


Government of Québec


Scottish Government


Government of South Australia


Welsh Government


Corporate foundations

For more information please contact

Sarah Van Loo, Project Manager, Climate Group