Green Recovery Alliance

Supporting US subnational governments to target and acquire federal funding for a green recovery.  

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The Green Recovery Alliance (GRA) is a partnership between Climate Group, as Secretariat of the Under2 Coalition, and The Center for Climate Strategies.   

GRA guides US subnational governments on how to target and acquire federal funding to deliver a “green recovery”. This means delivering economic growth while prioritising climate resilience and social equity.

Phase Two of GRA launched in October 2023. This next phase will primarily focus on strategic implementation of federal funds over the next 18 months. 

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Developing Climate Mitigation Plans and the EPA's Climate Pollution Reduction Grants program

In March 2023, the first $250 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grants program was announced. 

Our webinar with the Center for Climate Strategies explained the program in more detail and offered guidance on how to apply.


Accessing federal funding through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

IIJA and IRA - overview

IIJA and IRA - transport funding opportunities

IIJA and IRA - energy supply summary

IIJA and IRA - buildings summary

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The need for a green recovery

Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis, climate crisis, and the intensification of social inequities have converged to create a perfect storm of vulnerability for people worldwide.

For an economic recovery to be sustainable, it must be delivered on an integrated basis. That means ensuring that environmental and social factors are at the forefront of economic growth.

Through effective peer learning and coordination, local and state governments can strategically deploy federal funds to strengthen programmes in key areas. This includes energy, transport and environmental justice.

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A framework for subnational governments

The Green Recovery Alliance will develop a Planning System – a framework to guide US state governments and their stakeholders on how to acquire and use various federal funding streams.

The framework will focus on three key sectors:

  • Energy supply
  • Energy efficiency
  • Transport

It will also include three cross-cutting themes:

  • Climate change
  • Economic recovery
  • Environmental justice

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State and regional support

Participating US states will receive guidance and methodological support on:

  • How to plan and collaborate on green recovery across government agencies and economic partners, including advisory groups.
  • Methods to target economic stimulus (e.g. job growth, credit availability) to address economic recovery, climate change and equity.
  • The structural design of programmes that deploy economic stimulus and infrastructure funds, as well as funds for sustainable management in the energy and resource sectors.
  • How to coordinate with federal agency partners and programmes.
  • How to identify key private sector partners and implementers as well as underserved communities.
  • Identifying state agency programmes across the whole of government, that offer effective deployment pathways and mechanisms for green recovery spending.

Green recovery

Our past work

We united states and regions across the world to share best practice and promote the benefits of a sustainable recovery. Find out more about this previous work and explore a range of useful publications and resources. 

For more information

Please contact Gillian Ertel, Program Manager, Under2 Coalition