Mobilising green investment in Brazilian states

Enhancing climate finance capacities and planning in Brazilian states to improve climate change mitigation and resilience

Mato Grosso
harvesting Mato Grosso Brazil

Project aims

1) Establish inter-sectoral climate finance taskforces that will coordinate project activities and future climate finance decisions within the government.  

2) Strengthen the technical capacities of government officials and local stakeholders to prioritize climate actions and the appropriate use of finance mechanisms.  

3) Develop bankable concepts for priority projects, aligning them with national climate policies and relevant financial frameworks.  

4) Replicate project outcomes across Brazilian states and other Under2 Coalition member states through the establishment of a community of practice and proactive communications.  


About the project

It is essential that we address the challenge of identifying and accessing climate finance opportunities to improve how countries across the world respond to climate change.

This project aims to enhance climate finance capacities and planning across three key Brazilian states, which are also long-standing members of the Under2 Coalition. As well as improving the capacity of these states to tackle climate change, we hope that the project's learnings will prove scalable to other states across Brazil.

Project states

Mato Grosso

Mato Grosso joined the Under2 Coalition in 2015 and has a target to be carbon neutral by 2035.


Pernambuco joined the Under2 Coalition in 2021  and aims to have net zero emissions by 2050.

São Paulo

São Paulo joined the Under2 Coalition in 2015 and aims to have net zero emissions by 2050.

Project partners


Funded by the UK’s International Climate Finance, the UK PACT programme (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions) has provided funding for projects and skill-shares across three continents since 2018.

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ERM is the world’s largest advisory firm focused solely on sustainability, offering expertise across business and finance. It partners with clients to operationalize sustainability at pace and scale, through a combination of strategic transformation and technical delivery capabilities.

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As states and regions are critical to achieving net zero, it’s vital that governments at this level understand and can access the finance they need to reach their climate goals. This project will equip states in Brazil with practical tools to navigate the often complex landscape of climate finance and so protect and support the communities they represent. It will also strengthen and showcase Brazil's climate leadership in the run-up to COP30 next year.  

Ambitious climate action requires finance. The scale of the challenge we face can only be met by significant investments in forward-looking processes and infrastructures to mitigate emissions while building resilience to a changing reality. We need all hands on deck. It can’t just be about national governments – everyone has a role to play in protecting our climate for future generations.

Champa Patel, Executive Director, Governments and Policy

For more information please contact

Jebi Rahman, Head of Global Implementation