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Taking action on zero emission vehicles: California

3 February 2021, 17:00 GMT

Through the ZEV Community’s ‘Taking action on zero emission vehicles’ series, we’ve shone a spotlight on California’s leading commitments and ambition on ZEVs.

The series aims to profile the ZEV policies, targets, and achievements of state and regional governments from round the world.

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California has a long history of strong leadership in climate action and the roll-out of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). Through its position as co-chair of the Under2 Coalition, California is demonstrating climate leadership and inspiring other state and regional governments to act.

With the transport sector responsible for almost half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, the state has set ambitious steps towards the decarbonisation of the sector. This includes targets for:

  • 250,000 EV charging stations and 200 hydrogen stations by 2025
  • 100% ZEV sales for all passenger and off-road vehicles by 2035
  • 100% ZEV sales for on-road medium and heavy-duty vehicles by 2045

This week, California also launched its ZEV Market Development Strategy, which is designed to help accelerate the ZEV marketplace to deliver climate and air quality benefits to all Californians. It also outlines how state agencies and public and private partners can move together with the scale and speed required to eliminate the need for internal combustion engine vehicles.

Accelerating the shift to a zero emission transportation system requires a collaborative and cross-cutting approach and, through the strategy, the government hopes to deliver large scale, affordable and equitable ZEV market development.


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