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Building back greener - how states and regions are building a more sustainable, resilient post-pandemic future

Report 29 October 2020, 15:40 GMT

Global economic and health systems are facing extreme pressures in 2020. Governments at all levels are focused on responding to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, but at the same time the climate crisis continues to pose a significant challenge.

States and regions are increasingly seizing this opportunity to recover better, even while dealing with the effects of a devastating crisis. 

Building back greener shines a spotlight on the trailblazers that are revamping their transportation systems, streamlining renewable energy projects and designing new finance mechanisms to ensure a just transition from COVID-19.

The report takes examples from eleven governments across Asia, Europe and North America:

  • California, U.S. – raising ambition on zero emission vehicle roll-out
  • Massachusetts, U.S. – pursuing its transition to low and zero-carbon vehicles
  • Nevada, U.S. - reducing greenhouse gas and criterial pollutants emissions from vehicles
  • Rhode Island, U.S. - advancing a 100% renewable future by 2030
  • New York State, U.S. - streamlining the process for introducing economical and environmentally friendly renewable energy projects
  • Scotland, UK - delivering a green recovery that improves resilience to future crises and drives the wellbeing economy
  • Navarra, Spain - developing the region’s social and economic model in line with the European Green Deal and the EU Recovery Plan
  • Emilia-Romagna, Italy - placing social, economic and environmental sustainability at the heart of government policies
  • North Rhine-Westphalia – introducing a €3.6 billion recovery package to stimulate the economy
  • Catalonia – expanding its carbon tax scheme, with money raised contributing to a climate change fund
  • Chungnam, South Korea – transitioning towards a cleaner and greener energy economy through 31 inspiring projects as part of the Chungnam New Deal

We are in the Climate Decade and the message is stark: if we do not act with urgency then we will lose our chance to act at all. We urge all states and regions to follow in the footsteps of these leading examples.


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